Philadelphia tattoo removal

In recent years, tattooing has greatly increased in popularity. At the same time, tattoo removal has also become a much more popular service. In order to take advantage of this increase in market size, there are many places that have simply added tattoo removal to their roster of other cosmetic services. Getting specialist services will be the better option, and Tataway will be a premier choice.

They have the PicoSure and RevLite SI lasers at all of their four locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Bethlehem, PA. They’ve been able to combine the use of these two lasers in something called the T2 approach. This utilizes the strengths of the different lasers to expedite your removal process. They also offer a free online system for quotes that you will be able to access at

For Philadelphia tattoo removal, their location is at 16 South 3rd street in Old City.